Sex: What Women Want!

Sex: What women want!

When you do not know, you ask.

This is what a Ipsos poll company did for Psychologies magazine to get a better idea of ​women sexual desires and practices.

It appears that women are more liberated to talk about their sexuality and desires.

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me!

To please a woman in bed, to know what she loves and what she wants us to do to her.

They are therefore more liberated today than in the past to confide and say what they like in sex.

It shows that when women are younger, they talk more easily with their partner about the sexual positions they love or about their sexual fantasies.
Definitely linked to education and change of manners within new generations.

In the past, there were no staggered TV shows, internet, smartphones or ipad.

Technology and changing manners have changed women in their behavior and sexuality, that’s normal.

Like today, there are many more women or girls watching porn on the internet.

Many more girls have had a lesbian experience or say they are a bit bisexual.

 – Tenderness.

Do not forget that you should not go straight to the action.

A woman is more sentimental and therefore expects a little tenderness to be excited.

Kisses, foreplay or even massage if you are motivated!

A bit of tenderness. 😉

Sex is more physical for a man whereas for a woman, it is going to be more sentimental at first to be excited.

She must feel that you love her and not that you just don’t want to fuck her… If I may talk like this.

A little time so in foreplay to please your partner.

 – Who is leading the action?

Nowadays, women also take the initiative in sex, much more than before because it is especially young women who do it, new generation, new manners.

We see that more and more women are leading the action in bed.

– Fantasies:

Again, more and more young women want to realize their fantasies and they do it.

Mature women are much less likely to do so.

The younger and more liberated girls no longer hesitate to talk about their fantasies and to realize them.

Younger girls will be more open to having a lesbian experience or a sexual intercourse with multiple partners while a more mature woman will rather be interested in having a lover.

Not the same concerns depending on age, for sure.

As a more mature man may seek to meet younger girls, desires change with age, this is normal.

– Sodomy.

It emerges that younger girls are not very into anal sex but more for women in their thirties that sodomy will be more welcome.

 – Spanking and being tied up.

Here, it is the youngest girls (- 35 years old) who are more into to receive a good spanking or to be tied up.

This can also be done with handcuffs.

It’s clearly more a young girl things who may be more likely to have fun with a little spanking or to be tied up to the bed or handcuffed.

Younger girls will welcome kinky sex.

 – Blowjob.

One in three women before the age of 25 does not like to do oral sex.

Here again, with a little bit of experience, a woman will be interested in what pleases a man.
She also discovers cunnilingus on her side with new partners.

Among all ages, women are not ashamed of their desires.

So, depending on your partner’s age, you have a better idea of ​​what a woman likes in bed.
What women want in sex;

This also does not mean that if a young woman is not too hooked to blowjob that you should not teach her.

We must train young people! 😉 Especially as being good in bed is also teaching your partner to be also better in bed.

Girls or women only want to learn how to do a good blowjob.
Like they also expect a good cunnilingus from you.

How many times girls asked me to teach them how to give a good blowjob!
Who they can go see and ask this? Yes, Vanessa Flores in her ebook or on her website

Women discover new sexual pleasures if you help them to try something new in sex.
After that, a woman chooses what she likes in sex and then can ask for the sexual positions that she loves or fulfill her fantasies freely.

In my ebook, there are a lot of sex tips in order to make a woman happy in bed and spice up your sex life.

Women only ask to love sex and learn, sex is good for your health and frees you from stress as well.

What women love in bed will therefore vary among partners and there are always new sexual experiences to try with her!

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