Sex With Handcuffs!

Sex with handcuffs!

Yes, spice up your sex life!

We do not talk about violence or violent sex but kinky games with handcuffs of course.

Being attached will amuse her and she might do the same with you of course.

If you do not have handcuffs, you can also consider something else to tie her hands but do not use something that will hurt her.

As for the handcuffs, you can buy special handcuffs that are made especially for naughty games.
Soft handcuffed you can buy in a sex shop or an online sexshop.

You can then attach your partner to the back of the bed, either on her back or on her stomach.

Tied in the back and on her knees, or on a chair, let your imagination works.

She will surely also have ideas herself to play with you and your handcuffs.

But don’t lose the key! 😉

Spice up her sex life is important, either to avoid boredom or just to surprise your partner.

In my book, I talk about a lot of ideas to spice up your sex life!

She may already have this fantasy but did not dare tell you about it and she probably has other fantasies to discover.
Naughty games and kinky games help the couple to speak freely about fantasies and to try new things.

Take the initiative to try naughty games like sex with handcuffs, it will surely boost your sexuality but also your common fantasies and try other ones making love in an airplane for example! 😉
There is an article about it on my website How to have sex on a plane!

To avoid boring sex routine, there are plenty of trails to explore and boredom leads to the destruction of the couple.
You just need to think about it and test some kinky ideas with your sexual partner.

And in my ebook on female sexuality to download, there are plenty of other sex ideas and tips.

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