Male intimate hygiene: your penis must be clean and smell good!

Male intimate hygiene: your penis must be clean and smell good!

Being clean is important for both partners, having a clean and good-smelling sex is essential.

In my ebook on women’s sexuality, How to be good in bed, I talk about intimate hygiene of course as it is a fundamental element in sex.

We take pleasure with partners who are clean and smell good.

Especially when talking about oral sex, blowjob or cunnilingus.

To be good in bed and make a woman happy in bed, you have to give her a cunnilingus.
So you expect from your partner that her sex is clean and smells good in order to give her a good cunnilingus.

Well, the same goes for you, if you do a cunnilingus to your partner there is a good chance that she will give you a blowjob.
You will ask for one if she does not.

A woman is expecting to find a clean sex and that smells good, your dick must be clean so that she is comfortable to give you a blowjob.

What is more repulsive than a sex that smells bad, whether for a woman or for a man.

If you go down to give her a cunnilingus and it smells bad, you will quickly become disillusioned and get away from it!

For a woman, it’s the same, going to give a blowjob, your penis must be clean and smell good.

If you are circumcised, it is easier to clean, there is no foreskin that covers the head so washing the penis and glans is easier.

It is especially for hygiene reasons that countries like the United States often do circumcision.

Because it seems that sometimes men do not uncover the foreskin of the penis to wash their cock…

I let you imagine what can be found there if it is not washed properly.

So, when you shower, remove your foreskin from the glans and wash your glans well, underneath and between the skin of the foreskin and the glans penis.

Do not hesitate to put the glans penis down to clear your penis and to wash it well!
The aim is to remove smegma, a whitish substance that accumulates in it.

It is precisely smegma that will give a very bad smell to the penis if you do not wash it properly.

You also risk inflammation of the glans like balanitis if you let the smegma accumulate.
Balanitis is an acute inflammation of the glans and the balano-preputial groove located between the foreskin and the glans.

If you have difficulty in uncovering your foreskin, see a doctor, you may have a phimosis and a simple surgery is necessary in order to be able to release your penis from its foreskin which is too narrow and which prevents you to take the glans off foreskin.

Not to mention washing your testicles too.

The skin of the penis is much thinner than the skin of the rest of the body, so be careful not to irritate it.
It should be washed gently with hot water.

Dry your penis and the rest of your penis well, the moisture is not good for the hygiene of your sex.

There is no really need for soaps or shower gels specific to male intimate hygiene if you clean it normally every day.

You should not wash yourself with excess.

As for the hair, you can cut them with scissors to make your sex look more pleasant, less bushy.

Do not shave with a razor, your hair will not grow well and many will remain under the skin, you will then have to get them out.

Before making love, clean yourself, take a shower.

If you can not, wash at least your penis in the sink if you are in a straining situation! 😉
Intimate toilet is important, your partner will be grateful to you.

Then, wash off after sexual intercourse, without running to the shower just after finishing of course!

Same, avoid vaginal penetration or fellatio just after anal penetration or sodomy.
Your sex will have germs from her anus that are to clean before a new vaginal penetration or blowjob.

In conclusion, be clean before sexual intercourse!

Intimate toilet and intimate hygiene are essential to please your partner as you expect the same from your wife or girlfriend.

A clean sex is good to play with and allows your partner to make you happy in bed with a blowjob especially as you will do the same with her with a cunnilingus!

There are of course other hygiene tips in my ebook to download How to be good in bed.

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