Intimate hair removal for men

Intimate hair removal for men

Intimate hair removal for men.

Should you shave, cut or wax your pubic hair around your penis?

The answer is yes.

Avoid having too many pubic hair around your penis, nor is it absolutely necessary to shave everything on your pubis.

According to some surveys, women prefer men with little or no hair.

The idea is to have something nice to look at for a woman, you don’t want to see a jungle there!

As you expect the same thing for a woman, we no longer live in the seventies when women had very hairy pussies.

The hipster fashion does not mean having hair all over your sex.

There are therefore several solutions for intimate male depilation.

Shave your intimate hair, wax or cut your intimate hair with scissors.

Among all the solutions of intimate male depilation, the one that seems to be the best is the one with the scissors.

Shaving with a razor:

A lot of hair will grow back under the skin, I let you imagine the pain then to get the hair out again.
So, in my opinion, avoid shaving with a razor.


First, it is necessary to be courageous to do it because the skin located around your sex and pubis is more sensitive than elsewhere so you will feel it when you are going to remove the dry wax!

On the other hand, it is very effective to have your pubic hair totally removed and impeccable.

I find it strange personally to have the skin completely hairless with no pubic hair.
Women expect to see the sex of a man, a real male!

I think you have to keep a male side and have some pubic hair.

Waxing will therefore be painful but you will have a soft and clean skin at the pubic level.

Avoid wax on testicles or the skin closed to your anus, the skin is too fragile and sensitive there.

Cut pubic hair with scissors:

This is the best solution I think but be careful not to cut yourself of course!

There is not a lot of hair so cutting with scissors is not very laborious, just be careful.

That way, you clear your pubis and your sex. The whole thing is much prettier to look at for women and for you too.

We keep a little bit of hair to keep a male style even if we expect a woman to have her sex shaved, a man must remain a minimum masculine.

A little like a 3 days beard actually but at the pubic level.

There are also depilatory creams and gels:

They can be practical, quick and painless.

A good alternative to painful wax.

On the other hand, it is advisable to test your depilatory cream beforehand.
Indeed, depilatory creams can cause irritation or allergies on the skin.

Electric hair trimmer or epilator:

Avoid them, they are not intended for male pubic hair.

Male pubic hair is thicker than female pubic hair.

For hair on the foreskin or at the base of the penis, you can use tweezers.
Convenient to target a few hair on sensitive parts such as testicles.

Intimate depilation is hygienic at first but also aesthetic.
To have too many hair is to favor bacterias or bad odors also, for both men and women.

If you have the financial means, go to a beauty institute, you will get an optimal result with a professional intimate male hair removal!

Otherwise, ask your partner to help if you have one or try waxing yourself.

So, the easiest solution is to cut pubic hair with scissors, you will be ok for a while and it’s not going to cost you anything.

Take care of your pubic hair, this is a tip to follow to ensure your success in bed with women.

There are other intimate tips in my ebook to download.

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