How to Make Love to a Woman!

How to make Love to a woman?

Fortunately, some men want to know and learn but who will be able to answer their questions.

That’s what I realized in my relationships with men, many men don’t know how to please a woman in bed!

How many men can not do cunnilingus?
How many do not even know it exists?

Putting myself in the place of other women, how to tell her boyfriend, husband, lover that he can not make love good or cannot even make her come?

Embarrassed, a woman will not dare tell her partner that he is doing things wrong in bed for fear of offending him, and it’s the same thing for men who meet or live with a woman who does not know how to please a man in bed!

So we find ourselves in a ludicrous situation where everyone dares not tell the other what is wrong.
Communication is the key to success in a couple or in a relationship.

We need to go over barriers and taboos to say what’s ok, what’s wrong or what we would like to do with our partner in bed!

That’s why I wrote this book How to be a good in bed, to tell men what they need to know to be good in bed and to make their woman come.

Men and women do not take their pleasure the same way and given that only 30% of women have an orgasm, therefore 70% do not come, there is really a problem to solve!

You cannot ask people around you or your friends, it’s too personal so I did it in my ebook about women’s sexuality.

Important things about women’s body, what she likes, what she does not like, how to do things.

Men must also pay attention to certain details about their body, hygiene etc …

Once you have read my book, you’ll see the difference with your partner in bed, she is going to be very pleasantly surprised!

You’ll be glad too to see that your partner enjoys it or takes pleasure and ask you not to stop or to do it again! 🙂

Things to learn so that your relationship does not fall into boredom and that your partner does not go elsewhere.

We easily fall into routine and we think it’s ok but no, you need to work on your relationship as a couple and sometimes we need someone or a coach to motivate you to revitalize relationship and sexuality.

The best advices on female sexuality and how to please her in bed.

Gentlemen, You have no excuses now to be good in bed!

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