How To Make Her Love Anal Sex!

How To Make Her Love Anal Sex!

Anal sex is often scary to women and for good reason, initially her anus was not made for anal penetration or sexual intercourse.

Many adults have never tried anal sex or sodomy, this can be a taboo subject, at least 50%.

So it will be necessary to go slowly but surely so that she’s confident when you will initiate anal sex with her.

Some women may have misconceptions about sodomy, some think for example that anal sex is a homosexual practice between men.

It is necessary to approach the subject with caution, many people have different ideas about sodomy.

And if sodomy is often associated with pain, you will have to make her understand that anal sex can give pleasure to both partners.

For men, it is certain yes as the orifice is narrower for his penis.
For women, it is by practicing that she will begin to appreciate anal sex and realize that there is pleasure to take in anal sex.

It is a whole educational stage that awaits you in order to make appreciate sodomy to your partner.

In my book, “How to be good in bed”, I talk about sodomy and anal sex of course, your partner may already like anal sex or she will discover it with you.

So you must start by talking about it and putting her in confidence to make her want to try sodomy.

She must see that you will do it well, gently, that it will not be painful for her.

  • You can make her horny with an anilingus for example in order to stimulate this erogenous zone of her body.
  • You need Gel for sexual intercourse and anal sex, gel is essential for anal penetration.

You will have to dilate her anus and use gel, to put also on your penis.
The gel will definitely help sodomy and allow her not to feel pain during anal sex.

Buy a good quality gel, that’s important!

  • Fingering!

Yes, anal dilation is going to be done with your fingers, so fingering is important in order to dilate her anus softly and gradually.

A finger in her anus is a first impression of what anal sex is going to be.
When her anus is ready, you can then penetrate it gently with your penis.

Fingering her anus will already stimulate her erogenous zone and she will want to go further with anal penetration.

Gentle and go gradually.

My advices to make her love sodomy and if she totally refuses, it’s not good to force her.
Everyone has different tastes and desires in terms of sex, there are other things to do and experiment like I mention in my ebook to download about female sexuality.

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