How To Make Her Enjoy Sex!

How To Make Her Enjoy Sex!

How to make her crave for sex with you!

To be good in bed is also to make her enjoy sex with you.

Some quick tips to make her love sex and to drive her crazy in bed with you.

There are many advices in my book but here are a few ones to meditate to make her love sex.

– Be clean, yes, sometimes some people neglect this aspect but being clean and perfumed will attract your partner to have sex with you or to give you a blowjob.
– The opposite will disgust her to have sex with you.
– Suggest to watch a xxx video or an erotic movie because many women do not like hard sex stuff, she wants something sensual, erotic.
– Do something she likes and then ask her to do something to you too.
– Kinky games to make her laugh and make her enjoy sex, a lot of ideas in my book too.
– And of course, Kamasutra, many positions to try to have fun together and to surprise her.

To make her love sex, you must please her in bed but you also must surprise her by suggesting to watch a sex video.
At first she might be surprised but then she might probably enjoy it, seeing things that please her and that she will want to try with you in bed!

More and more women watch xxx or erotic videos on internet, women love sex, it is a source of pleasure

You just need to help her discover and enjoy it so that she will enjoy sex with you and ask for more!

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