How To Last Longer In Bed?

How To Last Longer In Bed?

Being good in bed is knowing how to make love to a woman.

You must also know how to make pleasure last and not come in 5 minutes if in addition your partner did not even come either…

You are not asked to run a marathon, but knowing how to last is an important asset in bed.

The girl can come a little when she wants but for a man, when excitation rises, ejaculation can come quickly.

Then control your sexual arousal and don’t come right away.

It is therefore necessary to be able to last in bed in order to make pleasure last for both partners.

Being good in bed, is especially knowing how to make your partner come before you to then come yourself.

How many times have I heard girls talking about men who come after 5mn…

The purpose of my ebook on female sexuality is to learn to make love good and to know how to make pleasure last.


First, to make pleasure last, it is necessary to have foreplay before sex.

Too many men skip foreplay and just want to go straight to penetration because they are lazy or don’t know what to do.

Having foreplay already extends the duration of the sexual act!

You can spend time on her breast, her clitoris by giving a good cunnilingus.

You can also give her a good anilingus if you like to do it.

You can also share foreplay by doing a 69 position for example.

You can then enjoy foreplay yourself also with good oral sex.

By having foreplay, you are already having fun and good sex.

Foreplay can represent 50% of sex.

If you did not do foreplay before, you can double the time of the sexual act by adding foreplay!

Go slowly.

To avoid coming right away, you have to go slowly during sex.

Going too fast, the excitement will go up very fast and you are going to want to come right away.

Small movements to start, going slowly you will be able to last pleasure and sex.

Change sexual position.

A good way to relieve pressure and excitement is to change sexual position.

You can then make a small break, you stop excitation and the ejaculation which was about to arrive soon! Haha

When you make love, excitation rises gradually and like a volcano, your penis ejaculates!

Changing sexual positions will therefore make it possible to bring down excitation but also to do something different in sex by making love in another sexual position.

Nothing more exciting than changing sexual position, doggy style, missionary, etc…

Each partner has sexual preferences, you will be able to take pleasure but also to give pleasure to your partner.

Being good in bed is knowing how to do lots of things in bed like changing sexual positions.


If you breathe too quickly, you will be exhausted and will want to finish as quickly as you will be tired.

You must control your breathing.

Sex is like sports, you must know how to breathe to last longer like when you are going to run.

By breathing well, you will last longer in bed.

You will make sexual pleasure last by mastering your breathing.


If you feel that you are going to come or ejaculate, stop and take it out if necessary!

You must know how to stop and withdraw in order not to come right away.

Remove your penis from her vagina if it’s necessary to avoid coming and ejaculating.

To lower the pressure and stop the ejaculation that is coming, you have to remove your penis so that everything stops.

This allows you to go back practically to the beginning, it will be necessary to resume sex where you stopped.

Removing your penis is radical, everything stops and for her also for that matter.

She may be thinking that something is wrong, this can make the situation funny when she is going to ask you what happened! 😉

Your partner will be surprised but she will also be able to resume sex with you, excitation will go up even more.

So remove your penis and wait you have come down before starting again.

You can wait a few minutes and try again!

You take a break, everyone can rest before starting sex again.

If your partner does not understand and maybe this is the first time she sees a man do this, explain why.

She will be pleasantly surprised to understand why and she will see that she is dealing with a sex pro, a man good in bed, a man who knows how to give pleasure to women in bed!

Some couples like to masturbate together before sex, it’s up to you to try to see if you like it.
Others might not like it and will not get horny with this idea.

You can try.

So you have here some good sex tips to last longer in bed.

Know how to stop when it is necessary, to change sexual position, to go slowly.

Long lasting pleasure in bed is important if you want to be good in bed.

Knowing how to make love is one thing, knowing how to last is another one.

If you make love too quickly, you will disappoint your partner in bed.

It is a mistake that many men make in bed.

They go directly to penetration and come.

While you can be very good in bed by making the pleasure in bed last with a woman.

Good foreplay to make her horny at the maximum. Share foreplay to make it last even longer.

Then, during sex, it is necessary to vary pleasures, it allows you to stop a little bit to change sexual position.

And then take out your penis if you feel you are going to come and ejaculate.

It is better to surprise her and explain her why than to come and completely disappoint her.

Remember that when you have come, it’s over for her and for some time.

Being good in bed is knowing how to make your partner come first.

And to make her come, it will be necessary to spend time in bed so that excitation rises and that she can come.

You will sometimes see women who do not come and want the pleasure to last longer in bed!

These girls test you and want to see if you are good in bed, if you are going to be able to make the pleasure last in bed before making them come.

This is where you have to be a sex professional with a woman in bed, don’t ejaculate and make the pleasure last.

Try these few sex tips to last longer in bed!

Now get to work! 😉

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