How To Have Sex On A Plane!

How To Have Sex On A Plane!

This is the fantasy of many men and women or couples!

One of the best unusual places to have sex, if you were looking for an unusual place to make love, you found it!

First, you must remember that having sex in the air is at your own risk, ask first about the risks, bans, fines, etc.
And the location also, getting caught making love on a flight arriving in Saudi Arabia may cost you a lot…

Advices I can give you about making love on a plane to spice up your sex life.

– The first thing you can do is to ask your partner to masturbate you, camouflaging yourself with a blanket, no need to get up!
You can try masturbation next to another passenger, adrenaline guaranteed!

  • First, choose a night flight while the other passengers are sleeping.

During the flight, a blowjob is even possible when the stewardesses turn off lights for night flying.

  • If you want to do it in the toilet, do not go together of course.
    Your partner goes there first and you go after 5 minutes.
    Plan a secret code for her to open the door when you go.
    Prefer the toilet at the back of the plane.
  • Don’t make too much noise, it is easy to hear from outside the lavatory of an airplane, you do not want stewardesses to hear you.
  • Space is limited, you will probably have sex with her standing up in her back.
    Or otherwise sitting on the toilet.

To go out of the bathroom, like when you went in, you will do it in two steps, hoping that no one is waiting outside.

Otherwise she can find an excuse like the toilet does not work or you go out together explaining that you are sick and were afraid to pass out.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to make love and have sex on a plane and avoid getting caught.

Just be ready to explain the situation after using the toilet with two persons for example. 😉

You can first do a test with masturbation or oral sex to practice first.

Once through this first step, you can consider going to have sex in the plane’s toilet.

Now, you know everything about having sex on a plane!

You just need to buy your ticket now. 😉

And to be good at sex with her on the plane, you just need to read my book to know how to make her come!

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