How to finger a girl

How to finger a girl.

In sex with a woman, there are plenty of things that can be done during foreplay and in particular fingering the sex of a woman or her anus too.

Fingering a woman is important. So you need to know how to finger a girl.

You should know that some women do not like it, either she will tell you directly, or you will see if she likes it or not.
Men do not like to do that either sometimes or do not know that it can give pleasure to a woman.

There are many ways, under the duvet and anywhere else, to make a woman come.

“Fingering” is part of these practices, and can also be one of the steps in foreplay that you have to master, because it alone can make your partner come.

However, it is not obvious to give her an orgasm simply with your fingers, because you must recognize that you must have a certain “fingering” technique to do so, follow this guide!

Let’s see how to finger a woman.


Your hands and your fingers will be your main tools and must be wet to penetrate her vagina or her anus to facilitate the penetration of your naughty fingers.

First of all, make sure that your hands are clean and that your nails are short and cut properly, so you will not risk unnecessary damage in the sensitive areas of her vagina.

To be fingered, the girl in question must be ready and horny.
Play with her by not going directly inside and make her wait.

If the girl is slightly tense or stressed, this can have an impact on her lubrication.
If needed, you can use a specific gel.


Once your partner is fully excited and lubricated at will, start putting your middle finger into her vagina.

By slow moving back and forth, play with her erogenous zones to get her very horny.

You can also use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris with circular movements.

As soon as you feel that your girlfriend is getting more and more excited and horny, go to two fingers using your middle finger and ring finger, the most advised, or your index finger and your middle finger.

Then bend your fingers upward inside her vagina to touch her G spot, without stopping to rub her clitoris with your thumb.

For more fun, it is advisable to practice a cunnilingus before, after or at the same time as you fingering your girlfriend, the combined effect is incredibly powerful!

If you wanted to know how to finger a girl.
You have an amazing cocktail to make your partner come with a good vaginal or anal fingering.

One can make a woman come with fingering but well, it’s not that easy though, this can be a very good way to make her horny during foreplay.

If you have a fountain woman with you, maybe you will succeed in making her ejaculate and see a female ejaculation.

A female ejaculation is quite impressive.
You have to find her G point while you finger her inside to make her ejaculate, a real geyser, the Treviso fountain!

And do not forget that there is also anal fingering, girls like to be fingered in the ass.
A finger in the ass when you give her a cunnilingus, girls love it.

Or anal fingering during anilingus, see if the girl is sensitive there and likes to have a finger in the ass and therefore if anal fingering turns her on.

How to finger a girl is not to be neglected, this can make your partner horny, fingering a woman should therefore be done with caution as explained in this article.

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