How to cure Anaphrodisia and spice up your sex life again!

How to cure Anaphrodisia and spice up your sex life again?

Anaphrodisia, a name that scares you and for good reason, it evokes the total absence of desire and sexuality!

The opposite of aphrodisiac in a way when you read this barbaric term.

This problem has a cure fortunately says Jean-Michel Huet, a French Sexologist in an interview in the French newspaper Le Figaro.

The causes of anaphrodisia are often linked to a routine in the couple that settles and creates boreness in desire and a sexuality that gradually decreases in intensity.

It’s also not just a drop in libido, it’s a bit of a depression phase in sex and desire in the couple.

This problem may be related to an event in the past or by the environment of the person.
An intense rythm of work can for example divert the person from his or her partner, fatigue too.

This also has nothing to do with frigidity, if a woman can come alone, it means that you don’t do things right to please her in bed.

How to cure anaphrodisia?

Well mostly by spicing up your sex life in order to regain desire.

That’s the whole purpose of my book, How to be a good in bed!

Knowing how to make a woman come is also about how to maintain desire or to arouse desire and excitement.

Some women lose desire by becoming a mother, so it is necessary to work this aspect so that she enjoys sex again.

If anaphrodisia is linked to trauma, it may be advisable to consult a shrink.

Otherwise, it is up to you to play and prepare naughty scenarios in order to revive desire with your partner, teaching her to enjoy sex again.

You need to learn how to be good in bed, how many times I have heard or continue to hear women saying that their man is not good in bed and does not know how to give them pleasure in bed!!

You have to take things in hand to please your partner in bed, she will give it back to you too.

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