Common Female Fantasies

Common Female Fantasies

Common Female Fantasies!

What are women’s favorite sexual fantasies?

To spice up your sex life, you can realize your fantasies or those of your partner.

Men and women do not have the same fantasies in general, it’s normal.

If you want to please a woman in bed, offer her to realize some of her fantasies.

You can ask her what are her favorite sexual fantasies or you can try to realize some of the most common female sexual fantasies.

So here are some common female fantasies.


Feeling dominated but more in the form of sexual play of course, planning what goes with it, handcuffs, and other accessories to dominate her in bed and satisfy her fantasy of domination.

Being a sexual object for an evening.

Make love in a luxury hotel.

Rent a nice hotel room and meet her in the room.

In contrast to the fantasy of domination, a romantic night in a luxury suite in a grand hotel.

You can also combine the fantasy of domination and the luxury hotel room of course.

A beautiful staging in a luxurious suite, a common female sexual fantasy.

Sex in public.

Making love in a public place, a park but it can also be in an elevator.

A place where people might see you having sex with her..

Doing something forbidden and risky, a female fantasy to try if you are willing to take risks with her.

An orgy.

Maybe she wants to have sex with many people and participate in a sexual orgy.

Of course, it may be difficult to organize this with your friends. Haha

A swinger club will therefore be the best solution if you are sure that your partner wants to satisfy this fantasy and make love to several persons.

Otherwise, she might be shocked.

You can also go there to see first if this may interest you.

Make love with another woman.

It is said that women are all a bit lesbian, it’s a bit true but make sure your wife is interested in women too because a misunderstanding would cause problems.

If it is not her fantasy to make love with another woman, she will think you want to cheat on her.

It is a fantasy that we find in many women, again, it is better to inform yourself about her fantasies to be sure you will make her happy.

Here you have some classic and favorite female fantasies even though each woman is different, it is better to ask her what are her favorite fantasies.
This will avoid any misunderstanding and you will be sure to make her happy in bed by realizing her favorite sexual fantasies!

Women’s fantasies are a good idea to please a woman in bed, I talk about it in my ebook about female sexuality if you want to be good in bed.

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