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How To Last Longer In Bed?

How To Last Longer In Bed? Being good in bed is knowing how to make love to a woman. You must also know how to make pleasure last and not come in 5 minutes if in addition your partner did not even come either… You are not asked to run a marathon, but knowing how to last […]


Sex: What Women Want!

Sex: What women want! When you do not know, you ask. This is what a Ipsos poll company did for Psychologies magazine to get a better idea of ​women sexual desires and practices. It appears that women are more liberated to talk about their sexuality and desires. Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and […]


Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017! Best wishes and don’t forget to please your woman in bed! 😉


How to cure Anaphrodisia and spice up your sex life again!

How to cure Anaphrodisia and spice up your sex life again? Anaphrodisia, a name that scares you and for good reason, it evokes the total absence of desire and sexuality! The opposite of aphrodisiac in a way when you read this barbaric term. This problem has a cure fortunately says Jean-Michel Huet, a French Sexologist […]


How To Make Her Love Anal Sex!

How To Make Her Love Anal Sex! Anal sex is often scary to women and for good reason, initially her anus was not made for anal penetration or sexual intercourse. Many adults have never tried anal sex or sodomy, this can be a taboo subject, at least 50%. So it will be necessary to go […]


Sex With Handcuffs!

Sex with handcuffs! Yes, spice up your sex life! We do not talk about violence or violent sex but kinky games with handcuffs of course. Being attached will amuse her and she might do the same with you of course. If you do not have handcuffs, you can also consider something else to tie her […]


A Sexy Massage to Spice Up Your Sex Life!

A Sexy Massage to Spice Up Your Sex Life! Being good in bed comes first by making your partner horny so that she wants to have sex and make love with you. A sexy massage is a very good idea to spice up your sex life or during the first night with a date to […]


How To Make Her Enjoy Sex!

How To Make Her Enjoy Sex! How to make her crave for sex with you! To be good in bed is also to make her enjoy sex with you. Some quick tips to make her love sex and to drive her crazy in bed with you. There are many advices in my book but here […]


How To Have Sex On A Plane!

How To Have Sex On A Plane! This is the fantasy of many men and women or couples! One of the best unusual places to have sex, if you were looking for an unusual place to make love, you found it! First, you must remember that having sex in the air is at your own […]


Sex in Unusual Places!

In my ebook How to be a good in bed, I give you lots of tips to make love good to a woman and especially how to spice up your sex life. Making love in bed is good but changing places is even better. And if it is to change then look for unusual places, […]