The best sexual positions for a deep penetration

The best sexual positions for a deep penetration

The best sexual positions for a deep penetration!

Deeper is better!

Being good in bed is knowing how to please a woman in bed.

There are sexual penetrations that allow a deep penetration and that can therefore give more pleasure to your partner.

These sexual positions guarantee an orgasm for women.

Sex positions where your sex will be able to go deeper into her vagina.

What are the best sexual positions in which penetration is deeper than in others?

Doggy Style.

On her hands and knees, this is the ideal position to penetrate your partner deep, your sex can penetrate completely into her vagina.

She will of course feel and enjoy this pleasure.

Men have the advantage of being able to look at her buttocks and see the penetration.


The position of the missionary is also a position that can be deep, being on her face to face, you have direct access to her vagina.
You can also raise a leg or both to go deeper.


Riding on you, a woman will be able to have a very deep penetration.

Her whole body is on you and she will come and sit on your penis, so she will fit your penis completely into her vagina.

Another advantage, the woman controls the penetration, the coming and going.
And she can play with her clitoris, very important detail to please a woman.
Often the sexual position that most women prefer.

She can also twist with pleasure, speed up, slow down, one of women’s favorite sexual positions!

Cowgirl backward.

It is a little bit like the cowgirl position, same sexual position but the woman is turned the other side.

She turns her back to her partner, deep penetration, she sits on your penis.

Advantage for men, they can watch her ass during sexual penetration, very exciting for him.


The woman is lying on her stomach, facedown, hips slightly elevated, the man comes to lie on her back to penetrate her.

The man leans on his elbows so that there is not too much weight on her body.

You can deeply penetrate your partner in this position.

Again, the man can look at his partner’s buttocks or kiss his wife in the kneck.

The Spoon.

Putting yourself on the side, the man behind the woman, he can penetrate deeply the sex of his partner.

By holding his partner’s hips, he can accelerate the movement and have an even deeper penetration according to the movement he gives to the action.

The man can touch the breasts of his partner.

So here you have some sexual positions to penetrate deeply a woman.

She will love these deep penetrations, source of pleasure.

She can have fun with certain sexual positions where it is her who controls the situation as when she is riding on you and having fun with her clitoris, stimulation and enjoyment guaranteed.
You will make her come!

You only have to try these sexual positions, the best sexual positions for a deeper penetration.

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