A video to learn more about the clitoris

A video to learn more about the clitoris

A video to learn more about the clitoris.

I talk about it in my ebook to download How to be good in bed in order to please a woman.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman’s body, certainly the most sensitive one on her body with thousands of nerves to stimulate during sex or foreplay.

I saw this video that explains in a funny way what the clitoris is, I put it here in this article about the clitoris.

It is sometimes not very easy to understand what the clitoris is, where it is, etc…

The idea of ​​making an original explanatory video is a good idea.

“The clitoris” is a short film directed by Lori Malépart-Traversy.

We can say that the clitoris is like the penis for a woman given its importance in female pleasure.

3 minutes to know everything about the clitoris of a woman.

Sorry, but the video is in French (from Canada) but it has English subtitles of course.


This short film was awarded and selected in many film festivals.

Despite the passing of time, the clitoris is still often misunderstood by men but also by women who underestimate its importance or do not even know its existence.

Foreplay very important in sex with a woman, so you must know where the clitoris is and what to do with it to please a woman in bed.

I mention it in my ebook to download, there are also other articles on my site.
Care must be exercised when dealing with the clitoris of a woman, especially during a cunnilingus.

Go gently, be gentle, observe her reactions and if you do well, you can even make a woman come with just a cunnilingus.
But this requires training and practice to become a cunnilingus pro.

You can first watch this video about the clitoris to learn more about it and you can also read my e-book How to be a good in bed with women.

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